Growing old as a gamer

Being stuck at home in the quarantine and getting nostalgic for the good ol’ days of gaming has been an interesting journey. There’s so much I’ve wanted to do in the past year and it always comes down to thinking “I can do any of this that I want but no way will I be able to do all of it.” And I hate that realization.

Back in the day it seemed I had all the time in the world to sit down and do literally anything I could dream of. These days with a job, a family, a f*ing mortgage, and all the other adult responsibilities, it seems like I have all the same passion for the things I love but no time to do anything about it.

I recently got an Xbox Series X and Game Pass with all the 100+ games that come attached to it. On Game Pass there are quite a few games I’m interested in playing but it’s kind of driving me crazy that I have to pick and choose. How do I know which one is the best one to play? Should I go for a short one first or a long one? By rating? By release date? These decision never used to come up because:

  1. I had a ton of free time.
  2. My personal game catalog was small, it was just whatever my parents bought me or I could afford on my own.
  3. There weren’t that many games I wanted to play back then.

You’ve already heard my complaints around point 1, but points 2 and 3 raise an interesting point. Was it easier to enjoy gaming as a hobby when there was simply less of it to be had? I would argue “yes”. And rather than complaining about it more I should probably find a way to be happier in this new world of gaming abundance.

I guess I need to reflect on this and come back with ideas.

On a side note: I guess this blog is going to be a place for me to ramble out and organize my thoughts.

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