I'm still a little shit

I think that's what someone from Besaid Island called me. Yunalesca or whatever her name was. I probably evolved at some point.

I mean, I have two degrees (World History and Writing & Publication). I do freelance writing, tutoring and such. Not well off but I'm surviving. In 2017 a hurricane destroyed my home and I lost all my stuff (literally). Got back up end of 2018...but then a year later covid happened and everyone took a hit (me included). Lost a lot of friends (they didn't die, I simply didn't want to associate with an idiot who thought Trump was a smart man or thought wearing a mask could be equated to Nazi Germany's treatment of Jews).

I'll be surprised if many from the olden days come by here. But for those who do...
I still play games. I haven't lead a guild since before hurricane. I currently play FFXIV mostly.

I've been told I'm in a cynical mood this week so apologies.

Oh also I still look like a child >.> (but I get free deserts and candy and stuff at some places so it's k)